‘Those who saved humanity from ISIS face Turkish attacks’

Leyla Arzû Îlhan, member of the İştar Assembly in the Makhmour refugee camp, emphasizes that those who saved humanity from ISIS now face Turkish attacks and draws attention to the silence against the genocidal attacks of the Turkish state.


Makhmour- The Turkish state has intensified its attacks on North and East Syria and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq since October 5. In the attacks, power plants, oil fields, grain warehouses, factories and dams have been targeted. On October 7, Turkish drones targeted a mosque in the Martyr Rustem Cudi Camp (Makhmour Refugee Camp), injuring a woman and two children. NuJINHA spoke to Leyla Arzû Îlhan, member of the İştar Assembly in the camp, about the ongoing Turkish attacks on North and East Syria and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

‘The conspiracy continues’

Speaking about the international conspiracy against Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan on October 9, 1998, she said:

“The Turkish state has been attacking the Kurdish people by using inhuman methods. The sovereign powers continue to organize the conspiracy against North and East Syria, Makhmour refugee camp, Medya Defense Zones and Northern Kurdistan. Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan) has been resisting for 25 years despite the isolation imposed on him in Imrali Island. The occupying powers, which carried out the conspiracy against leader Apo, have been attacking the Kurdish Freedom Movement. The aim of the sovereign powers is to implement their genocidal and assimilation plans against the Kurdish people.”

‘The system based on democracy can ensure peace’

Leyla Arzû Îlhan emphasized that the war in the Middle East is not an ordinary war and said, “Today, we see how ruling powers, the capitalists and governments sacrifice people for their own interests. The Turkish state brutally attacks the Kurdish people supporting the ideology of leader Apo because it knows very well that his system based on democracy can ensure permanent peace among nationalities and beliefs in the Middle East.”

‘The Makhmour camp resists the attacks’

Pointing to the resistance of the people living in the Makhmour camp, Leyla Arzû Îlhan said, “The Makhmour camp still resists the attacks. The people improve themselves in science, culture and art. They govern themselves. For 30 years, there have been attacks on our camp. Our camp has been targeted by Turkish airstrikes many times. Our camp is officially recognized as a refugee settlement by the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR). However, our houses are targeted by Turkish warplanes and drones. Last week, our mosque was targeted by Turkish drones. We see that the international community still remains silent against the Turkish attacks on our camp.”

‘Those who saved humanity from ISIS face Turkish attacks’

Commenting on the Turkish attacks on North and East Syria, she said, “Those who saved humanity from ISIS face Turkish attacks. We see that humanity remains silent against the genocidal attacks against the Kurdish people, who have been fighting ISIS. Despite all the attacks, our people are determined to resist the Turkish attacks. Kurdish people living in Makhmour refugee camp, Shengal (Sinjar), Rojava, Northern, Southern and Eastern Kurdistan and Kurdish diaspora all around the world should unite and resist the attacks. Leader Apo’s paradigm of Democratic nation is the key for the solution of all problems in the Middle East. We must ensure the physical freedom of leader Apo to ensure freedom for the Kurdish people in the Middle East.”