Syrian women create different alternatives against economic crisis

Due to the Syrian war and the economic crisis, women in Syria create different alternatives to hold on to life. They make and sell crafts to earn a living.


Sweida- People of Syria suffer from poor quality of life due to the Syrian war and the economic crisis. The women living in Syria try to create different alternatives to earn a living in the country, where labor force participation among women increases compared to previous years.

In Sweida, many women, who lost their husbands in the 12-year Syrian war, struggle to raise their children. Najat Alevi, mother of three, is one of them. “After I lost my husband, I had no income to raise my children. I opened a small shop to earn a living for my children,” she told NuJINHA while talking about her struggle to raise her children.

In a short time, she managed to earn a living for her children but then, “My shop was robbed. I went through a very difficult time, but then I managed to stand on my own feet again. Women are determined when they want to be economically independent. I work in my shop, take care of my children and do all the housework.”

 She makes and sells crafts

Ikhlas Jagami, mother of two daughters, began to work due to the deteriorating economic situation in Syria. She first worked in a bakery and then one of her legs was broken when she fell down the stairs. “I was fired because I could not work for a while. I started thinking about what I could do to earn a living for my family. I decided to make and sell crafts at home,” she said.