10 schools built for displaced children in Til Temir

The Education Council of Cizîr Region has built 10 schools for displaced children, who could not receive education for four years. The Educational Institution in Til Temir works for the education of children amid the attacks.


Hasakah- Construction of a new life in North and East Syria continues despite the genocidal attacks of the Turkish state and Turkish-backed factions in the areas of the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria. 10 schools have been built for displaced children of Afrin and Serêkanîyê (Ras al-Ayn), who live in the villages of Hasakah Canton’s Til Temir town.

In an interview with NuJINHA, Behiya Memo, head of the Educational Institution in Til Temir, noted that the education system was damaged due to the Turkish attacks on Serêkanîyê.

“The attacks of the occupying Turkish state on Serêkanîyê also affected the education system in Til Temir and its rural areas. Displaced children were deprived of education for four years because some schools were destroyed by the Turkish attacks. With the support of the Education Council of Cizîr (Jazira) Region, we found a solution for displaced children. We established 10 schools in Til Nesrî, Til Maxas and Til Ruman so that displaced children can receive education.”

‘Children were transferred from villages to cities for a year’

The Educational Institution provided transportation to displaced children for a year. “They were transferred from villages to cities to continue their education for a year; however, this was no longer possible because there were many children,” said Behiya Memo, pointing out that some children went to 1st grade while they should have gone to 5th and 6th grades. “We started from scratch. Displaced children learn how to write and read.”

‘There will be classes three days a week’

Behiya Memo could not give us the total number of the children enrolled because the school enrollment continued. “We estimate that there are at least 100-300 students in each village. There are many students but not enough classrooms. There will be classes three days a week to provide education to all children,” she told us.

 ‘We work for the education of children amid the attacks’

Speaking about the support of families, Behiya Memo said, “Many schools were destroyed in the attacks. Some families allowed us to use their house’s rooms as classrooms. Together we can save our children from ignorance and provide education to them. We work for the education of children amid the attacks.”

‘I want to spend more time with my friends’

Rîmas Hesen (9), a displaced child from Serêkanîyê's Erisha village, told us that they learned how to read and write at school in the village of Til Nesrî. She said, “I want to spend more time with my friends. I want to go to school every day.”