Women display their handmade products at festival in Tehran

Women entrepreneurs displayed their handmade products at the festival held in 16th district of Tehran.

Shabnam Tavakoli

Tehran- The Tourism Festival of Iran has been held in the 16th district of Tehran from November 6 to November 16. As part of the festival, an exhibition of handicrafts, local foods, souvenirs and gifts was organized. Many women entrepreneurs displayed and sold their handmade products at the exhibition.

Jamila Wehlke (52) came from Golestan Province of Iran to display her products. “I lost my father when I was 13. I learned how to do felting from my mother. I had to get married when I was 14. I have been doing felting for years and teaching this art to other people,” she told NuJINHA.

She has been working for 15 years

Mahsa M. was another woman, who displayed her handmade products at the exhibition. Although she is just 28 years old, she has been working for 15 years. “Being independent is very difficult, especially if you are alone and have no support,” she said. Mahsa has attended many festivals to promote her products. Sometimes, I feel uncomfortable when people stare at me. Despite everything, I want to be independent.”